The Health club

This temporary art and music space, called The Health Club, was created for The Birdsell Project Artist Residency. It utilized the space of a long-abandoned health and fitness club located in the basement of an old power plant building in South Bend, IN. In addition to the remodeling, The Health Club was stocked with art supplies, classic board games, which visitors could use freely. It also featured a performance stage, a continuous food drive and an art room with a 4-walled chalkboard. During open hours, visitors were welcome to use the space and it's features. Several events were held in the space including receptions, concerts and community meetups. 


The Health Club was inspired by the original health and fitness facility that formerly inhabited the space.  Converting it into a multi-use arts space came from the idea that creativity and artistic experiences are vital to certain aspects of our health. The portion of the former health and fitness facility that was renovated was the men's locker room area. The performing arts stage and game space utilized the room that formerly contained the lockers, while the art room utilized the former shower stalls. The images below show the space before and during the remodeling process.